Family owned, & serving the Chattanooga + North Georgia areas since 1970.
Covid-19 Response
Royal Office Equipment rolled out a COVID-19 response plan the morning of 3/12/20. We're a small, locally owned, family business that supports the medical, manufacturing, and financial industries among others. We are committed to serving our customers while also doing our best to keep our employees, customers, and community safe and healthy.

At the time of this rollout, there are no confirmed cases in our area, but the virus is likely here. Here's where we started:

1) We're following CDC, and WHO guidelines.
2) Increased Sanitization:
  a) Off Site: Employees are required to, and have means to, sanitize their hands before and after entering a customer’s office. When we service customer's equipment, we are taking extra care to sanitize high touch services before and after the service work is complete.
  b) In Office: Increased Office Cleaning and hand washing. We have implemented an increased cleaning schedule of high touch services within our office.
3) Social Distancing
  a) Off Site: We're making our customer interaction contact-less. Deliveries are made by placing an item on a table, stepping back, and letting the customer pick it up. The same procedure is followed when a signature is needed. 
  b) In Office: Each of our employees have independent work stations, separated by 10' or more, and are asked to minimize/eliminate physical and close contact with other employees.
  c) Contact Free Payments: We invoice our customers, and if credit card payments made, we are processing them without touching cards.
4) Transparency: We are being transparent with our customers about what measures we are taking.
  E-mail signatures have been updated, this page has been created, and direct communication is key.
5) Using Technology: Our standard operating procedure uses e-mail and phones to communicate with customers contact free. 
  This includes sending pictures and video to diagnose and resolve service problems. We are increasing our efforts to resolve problems over phone and e-mail to avoid dispatching a technician into the field. We are working to add video conferencing capability.
  We are fully utilizating ImageWare Remote service, toner, and meter monitoring for all enabled devices. 
6) Offering Work From Home Equipment: We offer a complete line of commercial grade desktop printers and multifunction print and scan 
  devices.  These devices are fully servicable, and come with ImageWare Remote service, toner, and meter monitoring standard. More Info.
7) Further Planning: 
  a) We've checked and restocked all of our cleaning supplies. 
b) We have a contingency plans in place if further action is needed.  This includes, but is not limited to, holding spare toner deliveries for delivery at a later date and limiting on site services calls.